Enhancing financial inclusion 
in Sub-Saharan Africa through data driven lending.

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smartadvance is a registered financial services provider, that through its subsidiaries nifty and getsure provides
a range on lending and insurance products to the Southern African consumer, with a strategic focus on
simplicity and ease of use.

Enabling and empowering

Through our lending solutions we see ourselves as providers of interim finance and over-draft solutions for the under-
banked and those looking to access and pay for goods and services.



177 000
loans granted

Loans granted
to date

1 145 342
loan book

Outstanding loan book
as of 31/03/2020

R153 287 618
default rate

Default rate
to date


Total applications

The South African Market


58 892 763

Internet users

32 615 165

Smartphone penetration


Total debt balances owing

R985bn (excluding mortgages)
  • Enhancing and enabling financial wellness through technology

    Value added service • Free credit report • nifty finance guide • Budgeting Tool

    Credit rehabilitation

    nifty has established a debt rehabilitation product that assists clients with over indebtedness, black listings, judgement removals and help getting out of debt review. Through debt restructuring, nifty helps over-indebted clients get the financial stability they need to get back on their feet.

    The Southern African market is prepared for digital disruption
    credit report
    Challenges of access

    Physical access

    Branch infrastructures offer complex processes and bureaucracy.

    Financial access

    High cost of funding stems misalignment of risk of the market vs actual,
    demonstrated behaviour.

    Emotional access

    Adoption becomes troublesome due to a lack of financial and digital

    Solving financial access

    Alternative data usage

    Use alternative data suppliers and big data technologies to generate unique credit insights.

    Behavioural economics

    Use alternative data suppliers and big data technologies to generate unique credit insights.

    Advanced modelling

    Our solutions allow for rapid deployment of advanced models with reduced operational risk.

    Test, adapt, refine

    Prudent test & learn approach to ensure model validation prior to scale. Integrated provisioning
    modelling allows for virtual portfolio assessments and immediate view of IFRS9 impacts.

  • Investment Opportunity

    Secured debt

    12-15% pa

    Usecured debt

    18-21% pa

    Unsecured debt

    with warrants

    Equity injection of R15m to R20m can drive loan book growth to R480m based on a 3:1 debt:equity expectation and expected
    profitability of R96m.

    Loanbook and NPAT growth
    • Management have completed the transformation of the loan portfolio & business to build a strong financial services proposition in the Southern African common monetary area.
    • Focus on expanding product offering to more holistic financial services offering.
    • Strong technology base – platform and AI capabilities leveraging the historic Group investment.
    • Changing the way consumers manage their financial welfare.
    • Corrected historic credit quality and now expect to consistently deliver optimal quality through scoring.
    • Build an optimum cost platform requiring a ZAR 200m loan book to breakeven and cost to income ratio
      reducing to 46%.
    • Requirement of equity / hybrid financing of R[50]m and thereafter debt lines of up to R[300]m.
  • 2019: Reshaping the portfolio
    1.    Tightened affordability criteria

    Enabling exposure more to bank transactional data in the
    decision process as well as factoring some of the more
    relevant short-term characteristics.

    2.    Launched new loan process

    Automates affordability calculations directly off the bank
    statement and uses our bespoke AI models to assess and
    determine risk.

    3.    Enhanced credit scoring

    Raised the credit bureau cut-off scores that act as the initial
    entry point validation.

    4.    Optimized performing channels

    Reducing our exposure to poorly performing channels of

    5.    Disposed of NPL portfolio

    improving business performance and collection levels.

    6.    Rebuilt management

    Board strengthened in line with King and new management
    team appointed with strong lending expertise to deliver on
    the brand promise.

    7.    Shareholder change

    Finclusion 100% shareholder of GetBucks SA since January

  • Approval rates over time

    52% | 46%


    50% | 28%


    54% | 35%


    51% | 37%

    Collection rates over time

    73% | 80%


    72% | 91%


    71% | 91%


    72% | 90%

  • CD1 rates over time




Gearing for growth

Through our lending solutions we see ourselves as providers of interim finance and over-draft solutions for the under-banked and those looking
to access and pay for goods and services.

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Grow Sales

Partner with leading other financial services and technology providers to enable their new customer propositions.

Scale the insurance product offering to deepen the customer relationship.

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Deliver meaningful experiences

Expand scoring techniques to include psychometric score offerings to enable entry into the less traditional credit market.

Innovative wallet and payment technologies will also enhance the sales and collections fulcrum.

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Improve and maintain quality

Strengthen non-traditional data sources and increase reliance on AI models to grow sales without compromising risk.

Key Management

team member

Jaco Coetzee

COO Smartadvance SA

team member

Tamuka Mpofu


team member

Manuel Koser

Independent Non-Executive Director

team member

Matsi Modise

Independent Non-Executive Director

team member

Nicky Swartz

Independent Non-Executive Director

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